Wanglong Tech Co.,Ltd is a national key high-tech enterprise that was founded in 1992. The business covers chemical industry, food additives, vegetable industry, paper industry, packing, real estate, electric wires and finance.

As an investment and holding joint-equity enterprise since 2009, Ningbo Wanglong Tech Co.,Ltd is located in the new town of coastal city, Yuyao near the beautiful Hangzhou Bay. The registered capital of our company is 101.8 million, total investment of fixed assets more than 680 million.

Our company mainly produces acetic acid derivatives, which are divided into four categories: food additives, medicine intermediates, farm chemical intermediates, intermediates for printing and dyeing industry. Among them, food additives: annual production capacity of sorbic acid is 50 thousand tons, potassium sorbate 40 thousand tons, vanillin 5000 tons, dehydroacetic acid 5000 tons, sodium dehydroacetate 5000 tons; basic organic raw materials: annual production capacity of diketene is 50 thousand tons, acetic anhydride 160 thousand tons; medicine and farm chemical intermediates: methyl acetoacetate 50 thousand tons, ethyl acetoacetate 50 thousand tons. 

Our products are widely used in food, beverage, medicine, farm chemical, printing and dyeing industry and can replace imported products to meet domestic and foreign demands. This is the key developmental direction for fine chemical engineering industry.

Our company abides by the operation philosophy of” win by quality to create brand fame” and reaches the commanding height in the industry. We established and passed ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System; ISO22000:2005 Food Safety Management System Certification successively; the food additives like sorbic acid, potassium sorbate and vanillin passed Global Food Standard Certification of British Retail Consortium (BRC); FAMI-QS European Feed Additives and Premix Feed Quality System Certification etc.



In this new 21"century,dramatic changes are taking place in the international management conditions across the globe and a period of indefinite competiton has come. Wanglong Group is deeply cognizant that an enterprise cannot exist unless it develops into a first-rate business in its industry. In order to further enhance its international competitiveness and develop it into a first-rate enterprise in trade, we’re determined to continueexerting itself and struggling on the basis of past accumulation.

Under the guidance of the new managing policy, Wanglong Group is implementing the operation purpose which takes quality as its main task and regards customers as highest.We shall realize the advancement of technology and devel-opment of creative technology through unremitting efforts in scientific research and development, and on this basis enlarge the realm of our cause. To ensure the prosperity and happiness of human life as well as establish new business culture, we're conducting challenging manage-ment activities for the future.

Wanglong Group will make great efforts to expand the scale of the competent realms and become a giant so as to develop it into a first-class enterprise in chemical industry. lt will endeavor to enlarge areas such as fine chemical industry and new materials while setting up production base in the regions which have bright prospects. In this era of opening up, we shall also launch the cause of pyblic welfare under the guidance of new managing policy. We shall perform out duty for the society faithfully, via which we can win popular esteem and achieve mutual prodress with the society. We members of Wanglong Group are resolved to provide customers with best products and services as well as ensure satisfaction from our customers on the basis of technologies of the talents. We wish to be togerther with customers to forge ahead into the future.all over the world!


  • Managing Principle

    Thrive with high quality,Create name brand

  • Development Concept

    Unite Science and Technology,Exploration and Innovation

  • Enterprise Spirit

    Profession,Innovation, Realistic,Honesty

  • Competition Concept

    High Quality,High Efficiency,Low Cost

















  • 余姚市食品添加剂厂成立;注册资本518万元;

  • “山梨酸”被评为国家级新产品

  • 宁波澳门在线游戏集团有限公司成立;注册资本2180万元;

  • 山梨酸、山梨酸钾被评为“宁波市名牌产品”

  • 山梨酸项目被国家科技部认定为“国家火炬计划项目”

  • 山梨酸、山梨酸钾被国家专利局认定为“专利产品”

  • 山梨酸、山梨酸钾再次被评为“浙江省名牌产品”

  • “企业技术中心”被认定为“浙江省级企业技术中心”

  • 宁波澳门在线游戏集团有限公司被认定为“高新技术企业”

  • 公司变更为“澳门在线游戏集团有限公司”,注册资本8000万元

  • 宁波澳门在线游戏科技股份有限公司被浙江省食品工业协会评为“省食品工业百强企业”

  • 宁波澳门在线游戏科技股份有限公司新厂区竣工

  • 宁波澳门在线游戏科技股份有限公司被认定为“高新技术企业”

  • 宁波澳门在线游戏科技股份有限公司被中国食品工业协会评为“全国食品工业优秀龙头企业”、“全国食品百强企业”


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